Hi! I’m Crystal. I am the mom to two beautiful children, who are my whole world. I own a photography business that allows me to stay at home with the kids most of the week, and my husband is the service manager for a home technology company. We are also in the process of turning our little property out in the country into a dairy goat farm where we will make goat milk soap to sell. Our (mostly my) flexible work life has set us up with the wonderful opportunity to homeschool our children.

I, like most parents, feel the responsibility to give my children the best life I possibly can. That is what has brought me to homeschooling. I taught in the public school system, at the high school level, for four years (leaving the profession when my daughter was born in April of 2012) and feel class sizes, standardized testing and no child left behind have truly damaged public education. After a great deal of thought, research and debate, my husband and I decided that homeschool was our best choice. I am using the skills that I have acquired while teaching to develop my own curriculums and lesson plans. I plan to share my curriculums, projects, advice, and resources on this blog.I hope you find that the information on my blog is helpful to you in your own homeschooling experience.

Every Monday I post a blog entry under the series name “Growing up on The Freckled Farm.” This series is all about our children’s lives and education on our farm. Check out all of our past entries: