Our Field Trip to Vote!!

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Every year I take Big B to vote with me.

Big B was one month old when he took his first field trip to the polling place and it has become a tradition that we do every year. I want him to grow up knowing the importance of voting… even in the smaller elections, as they affect you in a more direct way.

Last night Little B started to come down with something. She went to bed with a 101.8 fever, and I woke up at some point during the evening suffering from the same sickness. Luckily my husband was able to stay home with us today, otherwise it would have been a rough day. Sick or not I was going to make it to my polling place (my apologies to the polling place people for spreading my germs). We went as a family, but took turns going in so Little B could stay in the car. Big B and I went in together. While waiting in our short line (the benefit of living in the middle of no where) we talked about how important it is to vote. I voted with him on my hip so he could see what was going on and he was given a sticker on our way out. I hope each year that we do this that he understands more and more the importance of voting.

I don’t care who you vote for… just vote! 

Our Visit to Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens’ Butterfly Exhibit

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This past weekend we visited Butterflies Live! at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens. We had heard great things about the exhibit and I have to say that it truly lived up to all of the hype.

I think Big B’s favorite part were the tools that Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens put out to encouraged the children to interact with the exhibit. They had magnifying glasses, a scope that allows you to see like a butterfly, and an information sheet with images so you could identify the butterflies.

Throughout the exhibit they had laid out rotting food for the topical butterflies. There was usually at least two butterflies on each plate and because they were distracted you could get a great up close look.

Finally, there was a station where you could see the life cycle of a butterfly.

Lewis Ginter’s Butterflies Live! runs until Oct 14th. If you haven’t been yet I suggest that you go. It was a great experience!