English (PK)

The following is my Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten English and Language Arts curriculum. As time goes on I will continue to add project ideas that correspond with each unit. You can also find project ideas for these units on my Pinterest boards. 

Alphabet Unit – Letter recognition, and knowing the sounds that the letters make

Vocabulary Unit – Building a larger vocabulary

  • This is something your child will achieve through exposure to new material.
  • Talk to your child like you would an adult. If they don’t understand a word take the time to explain it’s meaning. Do not “dumb down” your speech or vocabulary for them. It is important that they are constantly being exposed to new words.
Comprehension Unit – Understanding what you are reading to them, or directing them to do.
  • Ask your child questions at the end of books.
  • Ask your child if they understand the directions given and have them walk you back through the steps.
  • Have them draw pictures of thing that you have read to them.
  • Have your child act out stories with puppets.
  • Read your child simple poetry and have them repeat it back.
Sequencing Unit – Understanding order in a story or process.
  • Take pictures of your child completing a process – getting dressed, getting ready for bed, getting ready to go out, cooking something simple, etc. Print and laminate the pictures. Then have your child put the picture cards in order.
  • Make laminated images cards for a nursery rhyme or story that your child is familiar with, then have them put it in order.
Writing Unit – Learning the correct way to hold a pencil

** To form my preschool/pre-kindergarten curriculum outline I searched other curriculums to see what information they were covering. I also used the book “What Your Preschooler Should Know.” Finally, I added any subjects in which my son has shown interest. From there I searched for fun projects and educational activities that would teach the information for these units. If you have any questions about the information covered here please let me know **

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