Fall Photo Scavenger Hunt

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I love coming up with activities that we can do on our afternoon walks, and if it includes photography, even better! My son loves taking pictures, it might have something to do with having a photographer for a mother, so I created this fall photo scavenger hunt

Objectives: Reinforce colors, and identify fall characteristics.


  • I created this document for our photo scavenger hunt. It identifies what objects the child needs to find on their scavenger hunt, and has boxes that they get to check off when the photo has been taken: Fall Photo
  • This is the camera Big B uses, but if you feel comfortable you can just allow your child to use your point and shoot. I highly recommend the Kid Tough Camera. These are two of the models. Ours is the first one. It has less features than the second, but we find it works just fine for us. (Clicking on the images will take you to the cameras on Amazon):


I gave Big B the piece of paper, and read through it with him. I explained that he had to find the items on the list, photograph them, then he could check them item off the list when he was done. He responded with a “Lets DO this!”

Big B’s Pictures

Yellow Leaf: 

Brown Acorn:

Red Leaf:

A Colorful Fall Tree:

Leaves on the Ground:


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  1. Great idea! One of my girls, almost 4, is a wanna be photographer. She loves taking pictures. She’ll love doing this. Thank you for the idea. Sometimes I’m like, why didn’t I think of that?!

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