Growing up on The Freckled Farm: Welcome Home Goats

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This past weekend was a big one on The Freckled Farm! We welcomed our first goats to the property, two nubian doelings. I have wanted goats most of my life, so it was a personal dream come true for me.

nubian goat doelings yearlings

Yesterday morning we left the kids with their Nana and traveled an hour to the farm where our two doelings were waiting for us. We got the girls tattooed, talked more in depth about feed portioning, had them weighed, then packed them in the camper shell in the back of the truck and brought them home.

As we got closer to home I called Nana to let her know that we were fifteen minutes away so the kids could meet us outside. When we pulled up Big B was sitting on the porch waiting for us. I stepped out of the truck and was greeted by a energetic three year old screaming “You got goats?”

Nubian goat doelings doe

Nubian goats doelings doe

We came around the back of the truck and opened up the camper shell so Big B could see the goats. He must have remembered them being smaller because he was surprised by how big they were. He was very tentative at first.

I love both the kid’s faces in this picture (that’s Nana with Little B):

We helped the girls down from the truck and they followed us right to the pin. We spent the next several hours walking them around the pasture, trying to get them used to their new home. There is so much pasture for two little doelings. They are almost dwarfed by all of the space. This wont always be the case, as we are adding two nubian kids in the spring, and will have the kids from our goats as we start breeding next fall.

Nubian doeling doe

Slowly but surely Big B got used to goats. He started by watching them from the other side of the fence. Eventually we were able to convince him to join us inside, and after walking around the pasture with them a while he got comfortable enough to feed them out of his hand. We had a lot of leaves that had blown into the pasture from the trees that line the back fence. He would offer each goat a leaf and was thrilled when they would take it and devour it within seconds.

Child feeding nubian doeling doe goat

Today when we went out to spend time with the goats Big B was once again showing hesitation. Part of it may be the fact that they are completely enamored with him, and no matter how hard I try to prevent it, as soon as I opened the gate they were out chasing him around he yard. About five minutes into our first visit though he was back to feeding them leaves and instructing them to follow him around the pasture.

Little B was completely facinated with the goats from the start. She has spent the last day smiling and “talking” to them. They will come up close to her, close enough for her to touch their noses, and she pets them then shrieks with delight. I was hesitate for her to be close to them, and still watch the interactions very closely, but so far I am happy with how gentle they are with her.

I am so excited to see where our farm goes over the next few years. It’s amazing sharing this as a family and I hope this will make for an amazing childhood for my children.

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  1. Very pretty little goats (and kiddos)! Do you have plans for your goats or are they just pets? I would like to have some milking goats someday when we get our own little farm. Enjoying your blog!

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