Growing up on The Freckled Farm: We’ve Got Eggs… Finally

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Back in June we welcomed our first chicks to The Freckled Farm. People generally don’t get chicks in June, but Little B was born in April and we didn’t want to be taking care of chicks with a brand new baby in the house, or expect someone to care for the chicks or chickens while I was in the hospital. So, we waiting a little longer than we would have liked. On average it takes pullets 6 months to reach maturity and start laying. If you get your hens later in the year, like we did, you run the risk of them coming into maturity when the days are short and cold. If this happens the hens may end up waiting until spring to start laying.

Growing up on The Freckled Farm: We Have Eggs... Finally

Over the last few weeks I could tell that several of our hens had reached maturity, or at least were getting close, but they still weren’t giving us anything. I can’t tell you how annoying it is to buy eggs when you have hens at home that should be laying. I gave up, and resigned to the fact that we wouldn’t get anything until spring and on the 1st (the day the chickens turned 6 months old) I went grocery shopping and bought 2 dozen eggs. I was tired of buying a dozen at a time in hopes that it would the last eggs that I would have to purchase, and then having to run to the corner store to get more. Later that evening I was in the yard doing farm chores, the chickens had been roaming around the yard for several hours, and I was trying to herd them back into their coop. I put my hand over Sophia and she sat/submitted to me as if I were a rooster, which I read was a sign that chickens are ready to lay. I was excited for this new development, but for some reason I didn’t bother to check the nesting boxes at that time.

On Sunday the 2nd when I went to let the chickens out I decided to check the nesting box. I opened it up, and there, nestled in the straw and wood chips were two brown eggs! I can’t describe the feeling to seeing those eggs. I grabbed them add ran to show Big B, who was following the chickens around the yard, then ran to show my husband.

Because I hadn’t checked the box the day before and I didn’t know how many hens where laying, I did a float test (if they sink they’re good, if they float they’ve gone bad) to make sure they were both still good. Both sank so I decided that we would eat them before dinner and celebrate our farm’s growth.

I cracked them open to find these two beautiful yokes. Look how bright they are..

Growing up on The Freckled Farm: We Have Eggs... Finally

I made scrambled eggs. It was the quickest and easiest thing that I could think to make, that would allow us to taste the egg alone.

Growing up on The Freckled Farm: We Have Eggs... Finally

Growing up on The Freckled Farm: We Have Eggs... Finally

For week we got one egg a day from one chicken, Sophia. The rest looked like they were catching up to her, maturity wise, but none were really showing signs of laying. This past Saturday we had a friend over and I let the chickens out so she could see them. She put her hand over Topanga, and like Sophia had done to me the week before, she submitted. I looked in the nesting box to find an egg. An hour or so later we watched Sophia walk back into the coop, go into the nesting box, lay an egg, then go back to scratching for food with her sisters, proving that we now have two hens who are laying.

It’s Big B’s job to collect the egg(s) each day. What could be cuter than a little farm boy in his boots, doing chores?

Growing up on The Freckled Farm: We Have Eggs... Finally

The nesting box is a little high, so I still have to help him get the eggs out.

Growing up on The Freckled Farm: We Have Eggs... Finally

It’s so exciting, for us all, to get that egg(s) each day. Collecting eggs will one day lose it’s magic, but I hope he remembers what it was like to experience seeing those eggs for the first time. These are experiences that I want him to hold on to.

Growing up on The Freckled Farm: We Have Eggs... Finally

 Now if everyone else would catch up with Sophia and Topanga…


8 comments on “Growing up on The Freckled Farm: We’ve Got Eggs… Finally

  1. Susan Case on said:

    We have chicken and they are so entertaining. The eggs are colorful and more favorable too. Nice post and photos.

  2. I can relate to this! I have a daycare and every year we hatch out chickens. We get the eggs from the farmer, hatch, watch grow for a while then give back to the farmer. This year someone gave us a dozen eggs to hatch. Only four hatched and we decided to keep them. So we found a coop and built a pen and then waited……and waited. Three were roosters and living in town we could only have 4 hens. So traded them for some hens. After the 6 month mark i was out there every day looking for eggs. The Children were so excited to get our first egg last Oct. Since then we have had two others hens start laying and this week our last started. My daycare children love playing with these chickens. Congrats on your first eggs!

  3. Congrats on your eggs! We have had chickens for almost 2 years now, and I can totally relate to finding the eggs for the first time. It is so exciting! My boys are 5 and 3 and help with our small flock so much. My 5 year old lets them out, feeds them, replaces their frozen water with fresh every day and my 3 year old gets the eggs, feeds them and takes out the compost. I love giving them responsibilities and it really does help me handle more than if I had to do everything myself – just like a real farm family. :)

    • Crystal on said:

      I love hearing about farm kids and their chores! It’s great that your boys are so helpful. Big B loves to help around the farm. He would love it if I just left the chores up to him. Last night he insisted on getting the goats their hay and grain, and after I dumped their water buckets he refilled them and added the apple cider vinegar. These are usually my chores! It’s so nice to be doing farm chores with my helpful little boy at my side. I can’t wait for both kids to be old enough to be out there with me.

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