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Nature paintings are a quick and easy craft that can be done with children of all ages.

This is a project that I actually used to do with my students, back when I was teaching high school art. I would generally do it during that time of year when the kids were especially antsy from having too many days straight of just sitting in their desks (usually the week before spring break). I would take them on a walk and we would explore the textures of nature. We would talk about how to recreate that texture in drawings, paintings, or printmaking. We would also pick up nature items along the way and bring them back to the classroom to use in the art making process.

This is one project that I feel can be done with children of all ages! I did this craft with my 3 year old son last night, as the closeout to our fall unit. He loved exploring the textures of each item and how that texture effected the way the paint applied to the paper.

The craft is simple. Take a walk with your child and collect nature items (leaves, rocks, moss, grass, pine needles, etc.). Lay out different colored paints and just let them explore. I showed my son how to brush paint onto a leaf, then make a stamp of the leaf, but he was far more interested in just dunking the nature items and pressing them onto the paper.

The two paintings above, in the cover photo, were done by Big B!

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