Science (K)

The following is my Kindergarten Science Curriculum. As time goes on I will continue to add projects that correspond with these units. You can also find projects on my pinterest boards.

Scientific Investigation, Reasoning, and Logic – Basic properties observation, sequence according to size, sorting in to groups, asking questions developed from observation, creating picture graphs.

Force, Motion, and Energy Unit – Understanding magnets – push/pull, attract/repel, attraction/non-attraction, metal/non-metal. How and why to use magnets

  • How to make your own compass from the Kids Activities Blog – A great way to teach one of the uses of magnets
  • Create fishing poles with a magnet on the end of the line. Put things that are magnetic, and things that are not, in a pile on the floor. Have your child experiment with what the magnet picks up and what it doesn’t.
  • Gather several different magnets and allow your child to experiment with how they attract to repeal from each other.
  • Have a Magnet Marathon! from

Matter Unit – Solid, Liquid and Gas. Natural flow of water.

Life Processes Unit – Life processes of plants and animals and their basic needs, growth of living things, and life cycles.

Earth/Space Systems Unit - Shadows and how they occur

  • Give your child a large piece of paper and pencil and have them trace interesting shadows that they find
  • Set up a large piece of paper or sheet with a light behind it. Have your child or co-op group sit on the other side of the paper from the light. Place objects between the light and paper and have the children guess what object is making the shadow that they see.
  • Set up a sundial outside to show your child how the shadow moves as the sun moves.

Taking Care of the Earth Unit - Forest and trees, conservation, recycling, pollution

  • Water Pollution: Can You See It? from
  • Collect recyclable items around your house and take a trip to the recycle center.
  • Set up recycle bins for your household
  • Plant trees with your child

Seasons and Weather Unit – Weather associated with the 4 seasons, wind, rain, snow and storms

Scientist Unit – George Washington Carver, Jane Goodall, Wilbur and Orville Wright

** When making my kindergarten curriculum I started with Virginia’s Standards of Learning. While I am not a fan of the SOL tests I do not have a problem with the information that is covered. I felt using the information covered in the SOLs as a baseline for my curriculum would ensure my children were learning the same subject matter as their peers. I wanted to go beyond that though. I built up my curriculum by adding information from other online curriculums, and my sons interests. **

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