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The following is my preschool and pre-kindergarten science curriculum. As time goes on I will continue to add projects that correspond to these units. You can also find projects on my pinterest boards.

Seasons Unit – Characteristics of each of the four seasons

  • Take nature walks. Observe the changes that come with each season.
  • Make a sensory table with objects that are typical for each season
  • Leaf and nature rubbings
  • Sort Leaves based on size, shape and color
  • Make a photography scavenger hunt where they look for, and take pictures of, things that go with each season and then collect them in a scrap book at the end of the year.
  • Sit outside at night and observe fireflies in the spring
  • Take a walk in the snow and look for tracks.
  • Put food (seeds and vegetables) in the snow and observe the tracks around it after a while.
  • Puffy Snow Paint
  • Popsicle Stick Snowflake Window Display
  • Nature Filled Sun Catcher from Blue Bird Lucy… Pick nature items from each season then compare
  • May Study Ideas from Mankato Homeschool and the

Animals Unit – Bodies, homes, movement, growing up, working together, eating and protecting themselves

Human Unit – Babies, adaptability, senses and body parts

Ocean Unit – The creatures of the ocean and how they live, eat, move, grow, work together and protect themselves. Ocean plant life

Plant Unit – Growing from seeds, growing stages, plant parts, kinds of plants, plant importance and plant food

Water Unit – Forms water take, and sinks and floats

  • Demonstrate each form that water takes. Put water into ice cube trays and allow (with help) your child to put the tray in the freezer. Come back a few hours later and point out the change from liquid to a solid. Finally put the cube into a saucer on the stove. Have your child watch from a safe distance (supervise your child at all times during the experiment) as the ice cube melts back into a liquid then turns to steam. Explain to them that steam is just droplets of water in the air.
  • Collect different objects – toys, things from nature, household or kitchen items. Get a large bucket and fill it about half way with water. Allow your child to drop the items in the bucket to determine if they sink or float. Explain to them why something sinks or floats.
  • Melting Colored Ice in Oil from 5 Orange Potatoes
  • Set up a water table and allow the child to play with toys in the water.


** To form my preschool/pre-kindergarten curriculum outline I searched other curriculums to see what information they were covering. I also used the book “What Your Preschooler Should Know.” Finally, I added any subjects in which my son has shown interest. From there I searched for fun projects and educational activities that would teach the information for these units. If you have any questions about the information covered here please let me know **

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