Growing up on The Freckled Farm: Our Puppy was Born

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A few months back after hearing coyotes in the distance several nights in a row (when you hear a coyote you know it’s a coyote), and hearing that there was a black bear in the field beside our property the weekend before the goats moved in we decided that we needed to add a livestock guardian to our farm.

Growing up on The Freckled Farm: Our Puppy was Born

Our goats are more than pets. Since we are building a business that surrounds them, and they will hopefully be part of what supports us in the future, loosing one or more of our goats to a predator could be detrimental to our plans. There are only two breeds of dog that work well with goats; Great Pyrenees and Anatolian Shepherds. You want a breed that has been breed to deal with goats. Any other breed may be too aggressive for goats, and potentially wont do their job properly. Because we have children we went for the Great Pyrenees. They are known to be gentle giants who know when it’s time to protect and when it is time to be calm.

Our breeder sent me an email Sunday Dec 29th stating that Vixen (our puppy’s momma) had started to whelp Saturday night at 6:30pm and finally finished Sunday morning at 1:30am. She had a total of 11 puppies! One of which, a female, will be ours!

Our breeder will be sending us updates over the next few weeks as she prepares the puppies to go to their new homes. This will benefit us greatly. As I have stated in past posts, Big B is terrified of large dogs and Great Pyrenees most definitely fall into that category. I will be able to show him the growth of the puppy over the next 8 weeks and maybe he will have an easier time accepting her into our farm.

In a few weeks we will be able to go and visit the breeder, meet the puppies, and the doggy parents. I hope to be able to pick out our puppy at this time, and hopefully this too will help Big B adjust. At around 8 weeks we can bring her home and put her to work.

Photo Credit: The image above was sent to me from our breeder. They can be found here